Blue Sky Babies: Bring your family to ours

Over the next year, the new person in your family will grow from babe in arms to personality-packed small person. Here at Blue Sky Photography we know family matters and we’d love to be entrusted to document these early developments of your shiny new bundle.

Blue Sky Babies allows us to get together with you for three separate shoots over the first year of your baby’s life, usually at around four months; at eight months and the final shoot around babies first birthday. Following these three sessions, we’ll create a beautiful folio with your favourite image from each shoot so you’ll remember forever this magical first year.

Sessions take place in our beautiful, tranquil photography studio, right in the heart of Morningside. We’re local, family run and have been trusted for over a decade to bring photography to life.

A one time registration of £59 covers all three sessions and your folio following your final session. We naturally want you to love each photograph taken and you’re of course welcome to order any additional products at your viewing, but we promise no hard sell.

Book your first session now. Call the studio on 0131 447 1100, fill in our contact form or drop us an email to

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The Blue Sky Babies experience

Blue Sky Babies provides you with three studio sessions with Blue Sky Photography at around four months, eight months and twelve months, documenting the amazing first year of your child’s life.


It’s best to book your first session with the studio as soon as you can as we have limited studio slots available for Blue Sky Babies.

Alie and Sarah are  our  Blue Sky Babies photographers. They’ll be with you for your session and will create an amazing collection of photographs for you.


We’ll invite you back to view your collection and pick your favourite for your folio, which we’ll make following the final twelve month shoot.


You’re welcome to order any additional products from any session starting from only £30.


Contact Blue Sky today to book your Babies session.

Blue Sky Photography has been trusted for over a decade to bring photography to life.


We’re small, family run and independent. We like it that way as it means we can keep you at the heart of all we do.


Based in the heart of Morningside, our gorgeous studio is the perfect place for your Blue Sky Babies sessions.
Let us know your ideas and we’ll book your shoot.