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The importance of looking good…

26 Jul 2009

It’s said that we form a first impression within 15 seconds. Take the shots we took below of this package which we received recently. It looks special, luxurious and just begs to be opened (unless you’re me and then you’d take a photograph of it first!)




It’s a bit like our new website (which we hope you’re enjoying). We wanted to package it well to help you connect with us and want to discover more by delving inside.

We hope you like our new look – the best bits of the new site are the larger photographs all round, more shots in our portfolio (and it’s now easier to update – hooray!) an all new shop system and this rather clever little blog…

Enjoy looking round – as always, we’d love to hear from you.  Drop us a comment with your thoughts and experience of the new site. Your views are really important to us! Niels


  • Janet

    In the marketing world “if it looks good, it is good”. The new website looks great – enough said!