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Meet our neighbours: The team at Morningside Gallery


Morningside Gallery is something of a treasure in Edinburgh. You’ll walk in the and immediately feel calm – perhaps it’s the inviting atmosphere, the gentle music drifting across the threshold, the sense of space as you enjoy the artwork, or the warm welcome of the gallery team.

The Blue Sky Photography DNA | The Soap Co


It might sound ridiculous that we, as a photography studio in Edinburgh, actually care about what soap we use in our washroom. But we do.

The Unknown is Hard


The unknown is hard. Fact. It’s crazy to think that two or three months ago the word coronavirus meant nothing to most of us. Now it’s creating fear in us, […]

Linton & Co handcrafted chocolate brownie heaven through your letterbox


In this time of hibernation you could either lick your screen or better still, order a box of brownies and slowly put the world to rights one bite at a time.

Notes from a Cancer Patient (Part 1)


Cancer. The word you never want to hear. At least not in relation to yourself, or someone you love. The first time the word was applied to me was as I was introduced to my breast cancer nurse in July of this year.

It’s time to curl up on the sofa…


Alie and I had a conversation a few days ago that went along the lines of “Do you think that one day soon we’ll wake up and this whole COVID-19 illness will be nothing but a dream?”

You Make Me Happy Every Day

Faye and Iain are as perfectly matched as you can get. Not only are they clearly besotted with each other, they also take the time to make those around them feel loved and valued… and their wedding day was all about doing just that.

How To Prepare For A Newborn Photoshoot

Babies , Families

It’s exciting to start thinking about preparing for a newborn photoshoot. Newborn babies start developing amazingly fast as soon as they take their first breath. That’s why capturing them in […]

10 Unique Gift Ideas For Parents & Grandparents


Many parents & grandparents feel like they have enough “stuff”. Here are our favourite alterantive gift ideas that are sure to bring a smile to their faces.