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Best Photography Locations Edinburgh

Engagement Shoots

Best locations for Engagement Shoots within Edinburgh

Father’s Day Product Photography


At Blue Sky Photography, we believe that you’re never too early to start planning seasonal commercial photography campaigns.

Five tips for effortless wedding group photographs

Blue Sky Photography , Real Life Weddings

As much as we love informal wedding photographs we know that group family photographs have an important place. In fact, if we’re honest, these are the photographs that will be shared with generations to come. Getting them right is important.

Newborn Photography


When you’re 14 days old and you’re this chilled for your newborn photo shoot…



Over the last couple of days, you’ve most likely seen instagram posts with the hashtag #MarchMeetTheMaker popping up on social media. March Meet the Maker is the brainchild of Joanne […]

Black & White Newborn Photography


One of the many joys of photographing newborn babies is seeing their constant changing expressions. Baby K has that look of someone who’s got it all sussed, with his straight-down-the-lens […]

The Perfect Gift

Babies , Families , Personal

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a someone special then really what’s better than a family photograph? Because that’s the kind of stuff that lasts.

Family Photography


Once you’ve decided it’s time for a family photo shoot the next, natural question is what to wear. Here are our 3 top tips.

Because Your Mum Matters


When it comes to family photography we love nothing more than seeing different generations coming together. If you’d like to say Thank You Mum in then book a Mother’s Day photography session online.