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Mixing Business


Mixing Business with Pleasure It’s been said that you shouldn’t mix business and pleasure, but this is a rule I confess to breaking often. Especially when invited to join the […]

New Beginnings


The 15th of August 2013 was an important day in our house. It was the day Beth started school. The clothes had been laid out, the shoes polished and the […]

Newborn Photography


Photographing newborn babies has to be one of my favourite things.All those cuddles and so much tinyness?Seriously – I’m in awe every time. This year I’ve had the chance to […]

Roberta & David’s Wedding at Aldourie Castle

Real Life Weddings

Here’s some of the magic that happens when you put together wedding guests from Italy, Hong Kong, Germany, Scotland and England (and many other places across the world) in a […]

Balmoral Hotel Winter Wedding

Real Life Weddings

We love Kathryn and James’ story. Before their wedding day they’d already walked up this very aisle together. This time was different as they were husband and wife, rather than […]

Linda & Gerry’s wedding; The Caledonian, Waldorf Astoria Hotel Edinburgh

Real Life Weddings

One of the most lovely parts of getting to know our clients is that we get to see a wonderful little glimpse into their worlds… From our chats over tea […]

Elspeth & Cameron’s Wedding, Carberry Tower

Real Life Weddings

Elspeth and Cameron’s wedding weekend was one you would have loved to have been a guest at. When Niels and I arrived, we met guests out exploring the grounds and […]

Linda & David’s Wedding, The Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh

Real Life Weddings

This is one amazing couple. We received a surprise phone call from Linda just weeks ahead of their wedding  –  boy were we delighted that we had that this Saturday […]

Ali & David’s Wedding, Glengoyne Distillery followed by The Hilton Grosvenor, Glasgow

Real Life Weddings

Real love stories that cross continents are among the most romantic possible aren’t they? That’s exactly the story behind Ali and David’s love… There was heaps of fun, laughter and […]