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Studio photography vs location shoots

Babies, Families

You may be deciding whether a location or studio shoot is best for your family. Let us help you our as we share our top 5 of why we love studio […]

Photographs Matter

Personal, Real Life Weddings

We are passionate about photography for so many different reasons. But above all it’s because photographs matter. And by that I mean the printed ones. Not the ones that are […]

The Prince of Lothian

Babies, Families

Newborn shoots are always super special, but they are made all the more so when we know the parents. Niels and I have had the privilege of knowing Rob for […]

Thank You Mum

Families, Personal

As a child I always had a challenge when it to buying a Mother’s Day card for my Mum as traditionally she has always liked the ones that mentioned ‘Mothering […]

With bells on

When we first met Sarah and Paul and they shared their wedding vision with us we were hooked. Think epic banqueting table in a glorious Scottish castle in the middle […]

The Star Player

We first met this lovely pair about a year ago and within seconds we wanted to be part of their wedding day. Why? Because of their enthusiasm (about their wedding, […]

Hopetoun House

Blue Sky Photography, Real Life Weddings

I will never forget the first time we drove to Hopetoun House. It was 2004 and it quite literally took our breath away. It’s one of those spine-tingly approaches that […]

Baby Lewis

Babies, Families

As the seasons start to change, the leaves start to fall and scarves come out of hibernation, we’re looking forward to Autumn and all that lies ahead…

Kissing Under Tables

A Scottish-Norwegian wedding in a castle in a glen? It was every bit as fantastic as it sounds… Allow us to introduce you to Richard and Lill.