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Blue Sky Photography’s how to be a brilliant bridesmaid

Real Life Weddings

How to be a brilliant bridesmaid? You’ve said yes. You’re going to be a bridesmaid. Whether you’ve wanted to be one for years, or have secretly been dreading being asked, now is your time to shine.

The Blue Sky Photography DNA | Origin Coffee


It might sound ridiculous that we, as a photography studio in Edinburgh, actually care about what coffee you’ll receive at the studio. But we do.

All Together


For us big groups like this are all about capturing the family in all the different combinations that make it up, All together, grandparents and grandchidren, grandkids on their own, parents and their parents and all the families too. It is a big job but we have the space, time and patience to work through it and get the results we need.

The Blue Sky Photography DNA | Brew Tea Co


It might sound ridiculous that we, as a photography studio in Edinburgh, actually care about what tea you receive. But we do.

There is Good in The Bad


This runs the risk of being one of those trite, over-used phrases if not handled with care. So I’m going to treat this subject with kid gloves I promise. Why? Because I genuinely believe there is good to be found in the bad. However difficult that is to hear.

Lauriston Castle


Most of our family shoots take place in our lovely big studio space, but sometimes clients want to venture outside and at certain times of year that can be just perfect.

Rainbow Baby

Babies , Families

This precious little one was born after a long journey which makes her even more special than you can imagine. Her big brother clearly doted on her and this family were an absolute pleasure to have in the studio.

100 Years Old

Babies , Families

The Christening Robe is from Samuel’s Mum’s family and is 100 years old. It was escorted by Granny the evening before and returned straight after. Truth be known I was terrified to touch it! It was a real honour getting to capture a little piece of this family’s history.

Wedding Day Planning

Blue Sky Photography , Real Life Weddings

Wedding day planning. To help you with those all important little details on your wedding day, I’ve put our fifteen plus years of wedding planning into one helpful wedding planning essentials kit.