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Brilliant photography training in Edinburgh (free from techno gobbledygook)

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Photography training
(without the techno gobbledygook)

Blue Sky Photography Training Academy is thoroughly brilliant training by Blue Sky Photography. It’s everything you’d expect we’d cram into a teaching programme (yes, even our great coffee gets a look in) with no techno gobbledygook right in the heart of Morningside, Edinburgh.

If you’re baffled by buttons or puzzled by pixles our Introductory Camera Skills course could be the start of great things. It’s all we wished someone had told us when we first picked up a camera, rolled in one easy to understand session.

You’ll be inspired, challenged and empowered to come off automatic mode and create cracking pictures that will look the way you want them to look.

Everything was great! A fun morning which has taught me a lot and given me confidence in using my camera. Niels and Alie's personalities shine through...

Katie Backler

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