Blue Sky Photography White Christmas Photoshoots

02 Oct 2020

A White Christmas by Blue Sky Photography

We know, it’s only October and we’re already talking Christmas photoshoots.

But we think it’s worth planning early this year – something tells us we all want to make Christmas 2020 special.

How about giving the kind of gift that really counts? The kind that will be loved for ever and will get you serious brownie points with the grandparents.

Throughout October and November you’re invited to Blue Sky Photography for our seasonal Christmas photoshoots. This year we’re going all-out with our decadent tree,  lush fireplace and altogether luxurious home-from-home vibe,  created by our amazing friends at Planet Flowers.

As ever it’s wonderfully relaxed in the studio with plenty space for your family to enjoy time with us and capture some fantastic festive photographs. Whether you want to all dress in your party clothes, Christmas jumpers or prefer to opt for something more casual (PJs are an option) come as you like.

Bookings are super simple: hop online pick a spot that works for you and then you’re another step to being all organised for Christmas presents.

See you there,

Alie, Sarah and Niels xxx

"Wow wow wow!!!! Our photos are amazing! I think my faves yet!"

Lauren Hanton