Commercial Photography: William Purves Funeral Directors

12 Nov 2020

Commercial Photography: William Purves Funeral Directors

It has been said that a company is only as extraordinary as its people. Over the years, I’ve been privileged to meet and work with some pretty extraordinary people. However, some of the most extra-ordinary are the team at William Purves Funeral Directors.

I can now admit, that when I first shot with the team at William Purves, I was slightly apprehensive. The world of a funeral director was all new to me. After all, funerals and death are not the average dinner table topic of conversation.

However, in the subsequent months, what I have witnessed has been remarkable. The genuine love, care, dedication, deep compassion and endless respect that I’ve seen has blown me away.

I’ve witness a team across every part of the funeral journey who have the ability to turn what can be a hugely dark and emotional time into an experience that can be just a tiny little bit easier. And to discover this dedication of the William Purves team firsthand has been a rich experience that will remain with me for a long time.

Stereotypes would suggest that a funeral director is a dull and depressed grim-reaper character. This couldn’t be any further from my experience. Go and hang out with one and you’ll discover warmth, professionalism and brilliant humour.

The background to this collection was to show the work of the William Purves team across all divisions of the business from the individual branch staff, funeral directors on location in the towns and cities that they serve and support function of the Edinburgh head office at Oakvale.

Over these last months, there has (rightly) been talk about key workers the dedication of the many unsung heroes who silently and diligently do what they do day in, day out without profile or praise.

Today, I add my own salute of gratitude and thanks to the entire team at William Purves. Thanks team for inviting me into your world. You guys genuinely rock.

N x