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Brilliant photography by nice people - since 2003

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Blue Sky Photography: brilliant photography by nice people

You’ve discovered Blue Sky Photography. An independent, family run, Edinburgh photography studio.
Small and local lets us put you at the heart of everything we do.
Truth be told, you’ve been our focus since day one.

Blue Sky Photography has been trusted by families, brides and grooms and companies (high-street and independent) to bring photography to life since 2003.

We’ve always provided more than just brilliant photography. We want to provide a brilliant photography experience too with honest pricing.  You’ll be welcomed like family to our studio with warmth, heart and great coffee.

That’s how our story started – and how we continue to do things today.

One team; many strengths

The Blue Sky team will look after you like family. Our gorgeous, light filled studio is your home from home. You’ll find us in the heart of Morningside in a beautiful townhouse with remarkable photography legacy. We want your first visit to be one of many.

Perhaps that’s why we’ve been honoured over the years with a fair few awards for the quality of our photography (and exceptional levels of service).

We’d love to get to know you. If the feeling is mutual (or you’re just a little bit curious) have a peak at what makes us tick.

When you’re ready, drop us a message, share your photography ideas and we’ll crack open the biscuits…

Alie Calvert - photographer

Called Little Miss Bossy as a child, Alie’s remained true to her roots at Blue Sky!
Her actual title is Studio Manager and Photographer but she also wears the crown of being Niels’ wife, mother, ace runner, custard loving queen (and she also is a mighty fine photographer of weddings and babies too).

We love Alie for her amazing warmth, ability to whisper (almost!) every baby to sleep and unrivalled brilliance with lists.

Niels Calvert - photographer

If you happen to hang out with Niels, you’ll gain something of his enthusiasm for life. It’s kind of infectious. He’s the real livewire in the team; always bursting with another new idea and cooking up a plan… usually before the last one has settled!

If he’s not shooting for his band of commercial clients or photographing cracking brides and grooms, you’ll most likely find him in a coffee shop, pushing himself further and faster on a running circuit or in another gym class. Oh that is when he’s not tracking down Alie’s keys or jackets she looses at alarming rates!

Sarah Guilar - photographer

Photography flows through the veins of Sarah… She won her first photography competition at the tender age of ten and hasn’t stopped shooting (or winning) ever since. The undisputed tea drinking champion at Blue Sky, she is nothing short of a genius when it comes to making families of all ages feel at home. She has been called a miracle worked. Fact.

On the rare occasions when not holding a camera, you’ll find her vegging out to the latest box set, running or simply hanging out with her family. As well as keeping track of her crazy cat Whisky, whose adventures are many and his lives long.

Bianca Gruber - editing guru!

This lady makes a mean mocha cake and also adds an amazing final polish to all our images.  Attention to detail and care are the watchwords of Bianca and we love her for it.

She is blessed with patience of many angels and she manages multiple lists, tasks and the demands of three photographers with swan like ease!

Bianca is the calm to our creative energy and is the editing queen every studio needs (but only Blue Sky is honoured to have!)

We love Blue Sky. Their style of photography is beautiful, modern and captures the real character of people.
We're smitten with you guys.

Claire Downer